Obama Is Not Gonna Like This

youtObama and his supporters are not gonna like the latest poll numbers from liberal leaning Rasmussen.  The media will be reeling with anger and even more hatred.

Keep in mind that the media did nothing but puff up and support Obama his first year in office.  Barack Obama could really do very little wrong.  Even the smallest of success in policy were blown up and reported as being huge events and accomplishments.

With president Trump the media takes the opposite approach.  With greater than 90% of all media coverage being negative.  The media wont even report or promote policy success that are obviously good for the people of this country.

So with overwhelming support for Obama and overwhelming hatred for Trump, The Donald has managed to score higher approval numbers than Obama at the same point in each presidency.

Could you imagine how high Donald Trumps numbers would be if the media treated him like they treated Obama?

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