The Money Is Virtual But The Violence Is Real

The growth of digital currencies around the world has taken the investment realm by surprise.  Values of such digital money as Bitcoin and Ripple have taken the word by storm.

This has not gone unnoticed by criminal elements all over the world.  But that would be OK because this type of money is tuned in to a key fact, they told us.  That owners of such kinds of money would be anonymous.

Well now we know the bottom has fallen out of the pricing aspect.  And, according to media reports from around the world, another aspect of this kind of money falls into the myth bin.

It appears that people are being kidnapped and threatened with violence if they don’t hand over their vast accumulation of digital money.  How would criminals know if you have enough of the currency to make it worth their while to risk such a move.

Beware, it would seem that if criminals can find out how much crypto-money you have, don’t you think governments could do the same?

Better pay those taxes and hope you don’t get kidnapped.

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The New York Times: Bitcoin Thieves Threaten Real Violence for Virtual Currencies

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