Its A Massive Twitter Purge

Twitter is on a tear.  They are going all out to get rid of what they call twitter bots.  They have been at this for some time.  So how did they get their latest purge so wrong?

Thousands of real people reported that their twitter accounts had been locked or deleted by Twitter in their latest anti-bot sweep.  The vast majority of those targeted claim to be conservative in their posting.

This is not the only time Twitter has been accussed of purging right leaning members of the social media giant.  Indeed, there have been a number of hashtags that point this issue out.  One of the more popular ones is #twitterpurge.

I noticed I lost hundreds of followers and nearly 100 folks in which I follow after this latest purge.  In fact I notice on a daily basis both my follwer and following number fluctuate usually on a downward track.

Twitter has denied it is targeting real people or conservatives as a whole.  But a closer look at their numbers tells a different story.  Not to mention a few undercover sting video investigations that have past and current Twitter employees admitting to deleting or locking accounts of conservatives simply because they dont like what the poster said.

And now we add this latest purge and Twitter expects us to believe that Twitter was only targeting Russian bots.

Twitter locked or deleted accounts that were in existence before these so-called bots came into existence.  I guess Twitter, with all its fancy software, algorithms and employees, cant figure out who is real and who is a bot on their platform.

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