Its Just Spin the Bottle

California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia has another accuser step up and step forward claiming that he was fired for not playing a simple and innocent Middle School game.

This man claims that Cristina Garcia, Democrat, wanted to play the childhood game of spin the bottle.

You know the game that pre-teens play with a bunch of friends and classmates.  And usually there is a kissing room or kissing closet in which you and your bottle choice are to scurry off in order to do your “kissing” in private.

Well, this accuser did not detail how the game was to be played with Garcia and he did not say how many others would be participating but know he was stating this sort of thing was not unusual coming from Garcia and her office.

And because he refused to play the game, he was fired.

Did you play Spin The Bottle when you were young?

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