Iran Unveils New Missiles With Nuclear Capability

It has come to this.  Billions of dollars released to Iran by the Obama Administration is clearly paying off for the Iranians.

Over the week end, you probably didn’t see this on Major Media Outlets in the USA, Iran had a military parade and celebration.  You know, the kind that Trump suggested the USA have and Democrats flipped out over.

Iran has been called out for supporting anti-Israel factions in Syria and even supplying weapons.  Israel did an air strike on some of those targets close to the their border and warned Iran to stop meddling in the Syrian Civil War.

Iran responds with a military parade and displaying their new small ICBM’s.  Yes, their new ballistic missile system was on parade.  We are not told if Iran has a nuclear war head yet, but with all the money they got from Obama and all the time they have had to develop one, its likely that they currently have such technology or are very close to it.

Some have speculated that North Korea has been doing the nuclear testing for both its own military and for Iran’s.

In any case, it looks like Iran has the delivery system in place which is why Israel if beefing up its air defense systems and moving more of them to the border with Syria.

Thank you Mr. Obama.

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