Hell No She Wont Go

Cristina Garcia will not let go of her seat of power even when the accusations against her seem to be credible and legitimate.  After all she should step down from her elected seat because of the seriousness of the charges.

After all, Democrats have been saying for years that its always the seriousness of the charges that count not if there is any actual evidence.

But Garcia isn’t being accused of nasty sexual advances and misdeeds by Republican men who hate powerful and strong Democrat women.  Garcia is being accused by her own Democrat staffers.

So why wont she step down?  Because she is a Democrat.

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CBS News: California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia denies groping accusations


  1. Politico reports: ‘Spin the bottle’ and a kegerator: #MeToo movement lawmaker faces new sexual misconduct allegations New misconduct allegations have been leveled against California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia — the high-profile #MeToo movement activist under investigation herself for alleged sexual harassment — including a claim that Garcia urged staffers to play “spin the bottle” after a political fundraiser. David John Kernick has filed a formal complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing claiming he was dismissed from his job in Garcia’s district office for questioning the propriety of asking staffers to play the game. Kernick, 38, who worked for the assemblywoman for five months in 2014, described to POLITICO an evening of heavy drinking in which Garcia ended up sitting on a hotel room floor with about half-dozen people — including her staffers and at least one male friend — and prompted them to play a game that results in participants kissing each other.

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