Facebook not so cool for a growing number

We knew this was going to happen because the way society is structured today, everything eventually falls out of favor.  It gets old.  Or too many old people use it or do that thing.

This is true of Facebook as well.  Facebook is facing the problem of declining numbers of people using their platform, especially those under the age of 35.

Most Millennials are abandoning Facebook for other platforms such as Twitter and even Tinder.  Combine that with the fact that the younger generation currently known as Gen Z, are not even signing up on Facebook and you will notice a similar pattern.

MySpace went through a similar shake up back around 2006 thru 2008.  It was so bad that MySpace almost went out of business.

Of course Facebook has Instagram but don’t look to that platform to save Zuck and the gang.  In fact, the photo sharing platform has experienced a number of bumps and hick ups of late.  Even Snapchat is not “all that”.

So where are people going?  Alt sites like pick up sites like Tinder are very popular among the younger set.  Plus texting is huge.  We know that here in the USA, more bandwidth is spent on texting than actually talking.

Texting apps make it very easy to share text, photos and even video with those you want to keep in touch with.  Facebook tries to keep up by forcing most users to download their Messenger App.  The problem is Facebook has a number of Apps that one must download and folks are tired of Facebook owning their phone.

Combine all this with the fact that people on both sides of the political isle are tired of the ever more stringent speech restrictions on the platform and you can see why membership is in an actual net decline.

And note, Facebook exodus is not just in the USA, but a world wide issue for the company

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