Disease Riddled Streets Of San Francisco

The Progressive bastion city on the Left Coast is San Francisco.  The City by the Bay has been on the leading edge of Progressiveness for decades now.  Yet this city is becoming known for something other than the Golden Gate Bridge.

Every time the nation as a whole decides that more Conservative ideas and ideals are good and want them adopted on a national level down to a local level, San Francisco puts its foot down and runs to the left.

When America said catch illegal aliens and deport them, San Francisco said it was a sanctuary city.  When America said they wanted to house and help the Homeless by taking them off the streets, San Francisco went the other way and even said that pissing and defecating in public by homeless folks would be forgiven and not prosecuted.

Now all of those Progressive policies have come to roost.  The city is known as one of the most dangerous in the world due to high crime and illegal aliens.  The city is one of the most expensive in the world to live in because of progressive environmental policies.

And now the city is known for being a cesspool of disease and filth because the homeless population has exploded and now people are using downtown city streets as bathrooms and crack houses.

So much so that now the city has to power wash streets and city workers wear protective gear when cleaning those streets because of the number of discarded used drug needles filled with a cacophony of illicit drugs.

These are the same streets used by business people, tourist and school children.  And the city Fathers refuse to do anything to make the needed changes because those changes would be construed as being too conservative.

You can’t make this up

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