She Didnt Want Silver

Canadians are having to deal with more than one international embarrassment right now.  The first is because of their Prime Minister while traveling in India.

Although some folks may think that is to be expected by the very progressive Justin Trudeau.  What is not expected is the loss of the myth ‘all Canadians are very nice and never get mad.’  This became evident during the Winter Olympics.

There is a young lady who plays on the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey team that not only got mad that she and her team lost to Team USA in the Gold Medal round, she openly expressed it.

Yes, Jocelyne Larocque was so angry and frustrated that she could not contain her composure.  No she didn’t break down crying.  She literally yanked the Silver Medal from around her neck right after it was bestowed upon her.

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USA Today:  At medal ceremony after loss to USA, Canada’s Jocelyne Larocque yanks silver medal off her own neck.

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