Democrats Gearing Up To Take Back 101 Seats

You read the headline correctly.  Democrats will be targeting some 101 House seats in the November 2018 mid term elections.  Why?

11 of those seats will be vacated by incumbents due to retirement from the House.  About 30 plus are in districts that Hillary won states in the 2016 election.  These districts are seats in which Trump won the district but lost the state.

There are some 60 plus seats that the Democrats see as vulnerable in districts in which Trump won the whole state.  There are various reasons for this.

But the reality on the ground is that there have been a couple of special elections and mid-term mid term elections (elections that are between national elections every two years) that the Democrats have won including two or three former Republican seats in heavy Republican states like Missouri.

Their internal polls seem to indicate that there is a slight shift in local polls that are not reflected in the national trends.  This is why I hate and distrust polls.  They are easily manipulated.

But this is a wake up call for Republicans.  Even when Democrats have nothing to offer but a dismantling of the current growing economy, they can win.  And Republicans would be wise not to discount any Democrat at any time, anywhere.

That goes for you the voter, as well.

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