California Could Get Worse; Move Farther Left

Can you imagine California going even farther left than they currently are in their politics?  Will they actually put the whole Union to the test?

Of course there have been conservatives that live in certain parts of the state that have wanted to secede from the rest of the state and form a new state, and have been trying for some time now.

But, recently, the liberal left has decided that since the rest of the country voted for Donald Trump as President that they wanted to leave the Union.  And the notion that the right could secede was always laughed at by the left.  Now the left expects those on the right to take them seriously and support California leaving the Union.

And as a challenge to Trump and the rest of the nation, California could very well elect even more far left officials to various offices.

So basically, California could elect a serious and real socialist as its next governor and they could elect socialists to various local, state and national offices.

Time to extend the border wall with Mexico up to the border with various states on the California border.

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Washington Post: Think California politics is on the far-left fringe? Just wait for the next elections. 

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