Survey Says! You Are Winning

A recent survey says what most of us with a brain already knew.  How did we know?  We simply just looked around and saw all the activity with our own eyes and we heard all the wonderful news from individuals and companies with our own ears.

But it is nice to have corroboration of what you know to be the truth.

Sales and profits picked up for companies at the end of last year, and more say they’re paying their workers higher wages and salaries in the latest signs that the U.S. economy continues to improve.

What those on the left want you to not realize is that this economic activity is really due to the Trump/GOP tax cuts.  Hellz bellz, a number of companies giving out raises and bonuses say specifically its due to those tax cuts.

While Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrat party try to get you to believe these cuts are nothing more than “crumbs” for the average person, the average person is seeing fatter paychecks and lower taxes.

Well except for those unlucky individuals that have chosen to live in high tax states like New York and California.  Yea they are actually talking about RAISING your taxes in those states.

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