ON THE RAIDO: Immigration Agents Descend On This Company In 17 States

There is a ton of evidence that suggest that illegal immigration is on the decline here in the USA.  President Trump has made it clear that part of his must do agenda is taking care of the illegal immigration problem in the country.

Building the border wall is only a part of the plans that the President has to secure our borders.  The fear of deportation and even jail has cause the number of people attempting to cross the border illegally to drop dramatically.

And Trump is proving to the negative Nellys out there that we cannot deport the vast number of illegals that are still here in the USA.

Along with the fact that a large number of these illegals have “self deported” meaning they have volunteered to leave the country because economic and government assistance and opportunity has been cut off but also because Trump is turning up the heat on finding and capturing them.

Even in so-called Sanctuary Cities and even the first declared Sanctuary State of California.  Trump is going in and catching these people.  Now he is going after the employers who knowingly hire and employ these people as evidenced by the recent multi state raid on the renowned  7-Eleven Convenience Store Chain.

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