ON THE RADIO: Whats Wrong With California

When one thinks of liberal states with high liberal values, only a few states come to mind.  New York, Massachusetts are two.  You may think of Illinois and Washington state.  But everyone usually automatically thinks of California and for good reason.

The Golden state has spent a ton of gold on liberal programs to get rid of poverty.  Forget that one of the things people remember most after visiting the city of San Francisco is the number of homeless not just the Golden Gate Bridge. 

This spending on fighting poverty in this state may have actually done more harm than good.  And this is information that is provided by the governments and government agencies responsible for these kinds of programs.

So, you cant make this stuff up.  California has spent nearly $1 trillion dollars over the past couple of decades and what they end up with is having the most citizens in poverty in the nation and indeed you will be shocked to see what percentage of the whole nation’s poor live in California.

Please remember, we are using liberal numbers and liberal definitions of poor and poverty.

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