ON THE RADIO: Police State To Issue ID

I have warned against this sort of thing for years.  Although many folks have argued in favor of some sort of national ID, I am sure this is not what they expected.  And I am sure they would be surprised to find out who is proposing this new ID.

Republicans have and do, on occasion, due things or propose things that do not make sense or correspond well with the Constitution.  This is one of those occasions.

A Republican in the House of Representatives is proposing something that is rather dangerous in a new house bill.  The bill, some 400 pages long, mostly deals with DACA people.  BUT there is a proposal within the bills pages that would institute of Mandatory Federal ID with Bio-metrics built in.

Instead of making it harder and harder for illegals, instead of making it more uncomfortable for illegals, our government seems to think that making legal citizens jump through hoops, take away their privacy and liberty is the way to go in protecting those very people.

You cannot protect liberty by taking it away.  Not to mention, we have already done something similar to this new ID.  We did the whole E-verity thing.  Yet the government who decided to make citizens prove they are citizens isnt keeping illegals from getting the jobs that only legals and citizens are supposed to get.

Citizens have to jump through hoops and give up privacy and liberty when trying to get a job yet, the people who we want to catch are not being caught at all.  The government reports that 54% of illegals that get jobs somehow evade the E-Verify system.

Isn’t it time we start holding employers who knowingly hire illegals responsible?  Isn’t it time we make life as difficult and uncomfortable as possible for illegals?  Isn’t it time that legal immigrants and citizens stop being the ones whos liberty and freedom and privacy are affected negatively?

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