ON THE RADIO: Lone Worker Sends HI Into Despair

Over the week end, the beautiful state of Hawaii was sent into nearly 40 minutes of end times panic and despair.  We were later told that it was an honest and simple mistake made by ONE employee.

Upon learning that it was a mistake and only ONE government employee was responsible I was suspicious.  Then the Governor of the state, David Ige. said that the state would be instituting policy to make sure this did not happen again, I was convinced ONE employee was responsible.

On something so important, how is it that its so damn easy for ONE person to bury an entire state in panic and hysteria?  And not only can one person in HI send the citizens of that state into doomsday panic, it would appear that a multitude of those employees could not fix the issue for nearly 40 minutes?

Yes, it would seem that Twitter, local Police and the Military got wind and send out correct news in less than 12 minutes.  It was not until, according to reports, minute 38 that the state office responsible for such warnings, was able to correct the problem and calm the public.

And yet they want to tell us one person is responsible for Hawaiians cowering in their garages, hiding their children in city sewers, jumping onto their boats trying to flee the island.  Yes ONE man committed an “honest” mistake.  AND that man would not be fired but instead get a new position within the government.  Presumably far away from the panic button.

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