ON THE RADIO: Feed The Homeless, Get Arrested

Where has the love of God gone when you have a government that actually wants to make it illegal to set up shop to feed the homeless, the starving and the poor.

That is what is happening in this one particular town.  The town fathers had an emergency meeting in order to pass an ordinance that actually makes it illegal to pass out free food to the homeless and poor.

Yet we constantly are told that it is Conservative politicians that are heartless and cruel.  This new ordinance, passed in the dead of night, basically, comes from the left side of the political isle.  Of course they give an excuse that almost sounds legitimate.

The excuse is for public health and public safety.  So now letting someone starve is better than to feed them because it is in the interest of public health to do so.  Not making this up.

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San Diego Union – Tribune: About a dozen people arrested for feeding the homeless in El Cajon park