ON THE RADIO: Dems To Trump: Show Us The Money

Democrats still think they can play ball the old fashioned way.  It may work with other politicians but it never has nor never will work with President Trump.

Democrats in the Senate and House seem to think that Donald Trump needs to tell them and show them where the money will come from to do needed infrastructure projects around the country.

A number of problems with this strategy that Trump knows and will no doubt, exploit.  Spending bill originate in the House of Representatives, not in the White House.  Congress is charged with the Constitutional duty of developing a budget for the Federal Government, not the President.

Not to mention, after 8 years and a few trillion dollars in spending under Obama, how is it that we still need so much money to be spent on infrastructure?  Or have folks forgotten all about “shovel ready jobs” and stimulus and son of stimulus and grandson of stimulus?

Not to mention, are we going to spend billions and billions on an outdated infrastructure?  Seriously think about it,  This is 2018 and yet we still have an infrastructure plan based on the 1950’s.  A lot of our infrastructure as it pertains to transportation and energy production, will be rendered completely obsolete within the next few years.

Should we spend money on ultra fast trains when flying cars are really just around the corner?  Should we spend billions on adding miles and miles and miles of electric transmission lines when more efficient and more terror attack secure smaller power generation stations will be the norm?

You be the judge.

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