ON THE RADIO: CNN: Trump Heart Attack Within 5 Years

CNN has finally gone full stupid.  You never go full stupid.  But CNN has decided they have no choice since they cannot logically and truthfully keep bad mouthing the president.

CNN decided that President Trump must be telling lies about how tall he is so therefor he is actually obese at 239 lbs and they went and found a medical doctor who would give a diagnosis without examining the president and without reviewing his charts and state on the air that Trump is going to have a heart attack in the next 3 to 5 years.

Of course this doctor is stating that he is basing his diagnosis on the information that has been released by Trumps real doctor.

Most other medial professionals, when asked, respond that the fact that they don’t have all the information, they cannot give a definitive diagnosis of the president.  And the fact that some people who are fat, are actually in better over all health than thin people.

But reality and truth and logic mean nothing to a network fully bent on the destruction of the current sitting president.  In short, and this is not going out on a limb, the left, especially CNN, want the president to be sick, unhealthy and they want him to have a heart attack.

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