ON THE RADIO: California Will End The USA

This is a story that is almost exclusive to the Rod Eccles Show and it should not be.  California has found a way to impose its will at the state level to the whole of the USA and thus ending the USA as we know it.

California, via its Governor, its Legislature and its Courts have built a Sanctuary State that will cause every state in the Union to either change how they deal with CA and immigrants or face losing their state to illegals.

California, via its Courts will begin to issue so-called federally mandated RealID driver licenses to illegal immigrants.  Not only that, but those who are issued this driver license will also be automatically be registered to vote.

Yes, you read that correctly.  California will begin giving illegal immigrants the ability to vote in US elections.

This is dangerous because of the reciprocity clauses that states have for their drivers licenses and voter registration requirements.  The RealID license needs to be pulled at the federal level and it needs to be revamped which would prevent any illegal from getting one.  And it should not be used to register to vote.

If we don’t do this, then it will mark the end of the USA as we know it within our lifetimes.  Don’t Doubt Me.

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