Its a Justice Dept Crackdown. Maybe.

The Justice Department led by former Senator Jeff Sessions, is doubling down on illegal immigration as it relates to sanctuary cities.  The Attorney General is threatening to crack down on municipalities and states who do not cooperate with the Federal Government on immigration enforcement.

Returning to a favorite cause for President Trump and Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department on Wednesday escalated a struggle with two dozen so-called sanctuary jurisdictions, demanding records proving they are cooperating with immigration enforcement agencies.

This could get ugly really fast as the different levels of government square off against each other.  The reality is, however, that each state is bound by Federal Law under the Constitution which is the document that each and every state agreed to be bound by and uphold when they joined the Union.

There is no wiggle room here.  And thus, if you break the law, it does not matter if you are a mayor, a state legislator or even a state governor, you should be arrested, perp walked and thrown in jail.  Then you should stand trial for breaking those various laws up to and including sedition and treason.

Of course, I doubt we will see any government official, elected or appointed, per walked over immigration any time soon, but the fact remains that it is illegal not to uphold the laws of the land AND that those who break those laws should be arrested and perp walked.

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