GOP Gets A Bounce From Likely Place

The polls are starting to roll in and none of them look very good for Democrats.  Even polls that once had Democrats in double digit leads around the nation have narrowed sharply to within the rates of error.

Now of course, most of these polls were taken by well known liberal supporting pollsters and thus those who look for the truth have learned to discount them.  Remember these same pollsters had Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by double digits and we see how that turned out.

But the reason that Republicans are starting to gain traction even among Democrats is a simple one.  The economy.

The Trump/GOP tax cuts are a huge win for Republicans and a huge stunning defeat for Democrats.  Remember 99% of Democrats voted AGAINST the tax cuts.  They cannot claim they had anything to do with this growing economy.

In fact, the argument is being made that Democrats are against the growing economy and against middle class Americans keeping their money.

Pelosi said you getting a raise or a cash bonus was just crumbs.  So much for crumbs because we have not heard of anyone turning down those raises or bonuses.

Yes, even Democrats are starting to come around.  This is evidenced by the fact that in a recent liberal poll, we found that Trump’s support among African-Americans has doubled since the election in 2016.  DOUBLED.

Even African-Americans are starting to get that Trump is on their side, while the Democrats are proving they are standing with Illegal Immigrants over all legal Citizens including African-Americans.

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