El Rod TV: Democrats Really Do Hate Americans

The Democrats really do seem to hate Americans.  I know you may think that is not possible, especially if you are a rank and file average every day American Democrat.

The thing is that Democrats like Sen Chuck Schumer would rather play games with your lives and our government than do what is in the best interest of the American people.

Case in point, the budget stop gap bill that the Democrats defeated in the Senate.  Why?  Because they didn’t get some spending they wanted and believed was needed to fund a well deserved or even undeserved social program?  No.

OK then it must have been because the Democrats felt that Republicans were railroading them into a corner so that when the full budget comes up, they would lose specific liberal loved social programs.  No.

Then you must be thinking that it was because they felt Republicans and/or Trump wanted to spend too much on usually Republican supported programs.  No.

The Democrats, by their own admission, got just about everything they could want in this stop gap.  Think a couple of years ago when Speaker Paul Ryan announced that a real budget agreement had been reached and Sen Schumer went before the press and said that the Democrats got MORE than they asked for so of course they would vote for the budget deal.

And they did.

THIS TIME, however, things were similar.  Democrats got what they asked for.  Everything but a deal on spending and extending DACA/DREAMer programs.

Thats right.  The Democrats torpedoed the measure and shut down the government for a few ILLEGAL immigrants in this country.  Putting Americans and American children at risk.

Now if you vote for illegal immigrants over actual, legal and/or born here citizens it must be because you hate them.  Why else would you do such a thing?