So Angry They Wont Let Schumer Sleep

This is an interesting turn of events.  Chuck Schumer is on the wrong side of illegal immigrants.  A bunch of them got together and decided to protest against Sen Schumer for, what they believe, capitulating on any deal on DACA.

The illegals were so mad about Chuck throwing them under the bus that they braved the cold and possible arrest and deportation by protesting the liberal Senator from New York.  They protested outside his NY City home and they protested all night long.

They protested so late into the night that Chuck could not sleep, according to reports.  They were loud enough to keep him from getting his beauty rest and it made Chuck a little grumpy.

Reports say that he yelled at the protesters to “get off my lawn” as any typical grumpy old man would yell to a little boy using the front yard as a sidewalk cut through.

Good to see Chuck can do grumpy old men proud.

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