Good Vs Evil

There is a new hit TV show on network television.  Many of you have probably seen a few episodes.  Even I have watched it with earnest.  The Orville.  It is basically a new version of Star Trek.  This version, however, is not created by the famous Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame.

Reviewing the credits, it does not appear that any of the major talent behind the various Star Trek series are in involved.  But the same theme of humans coming together and forsaking Capitalism and Religion are there.

This space odyssey incarnation is created by and the far reaching space ship is helmed by comedian Seth McFarlane.  Even if you do not know him, you do know his “work”.  Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dan on the small screen.  Ted and Ted 2 on the big screen.

What do all of these programs have in common?

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