Pelosi Popsicle

Nancy Pelosi seems to be turning into a Popsicle.  Her brain keeps freezing up, it would seem.  Well, here is another example of the long time Democratic Congressman from California loosing her train of thought.

This time she had a hard time spitting out what she meant when it came to gun control as it pertained to the Las Vegas mass shooting by Stephen Paddock recently.

“Responsible gun owners from the hills of Arizona to the duck blinds of Minnesota, all over, say, ‘We’re all law-abiding, we have many guns, we have as many guns as he had, but we have,’ uh, we have, um, uh,” she said, turning to moderator Chris Cuomo, before repeatedly waving her hands, as if emphasizing words that refused to exit her mouth.

“Background checks,” she finally blurted out.

She did not stop losing her train of thought there.  Oh no.  Nancy went on with a number of brain freezes throughout her appearance.  You can see more of of her brain freeze below.

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MORE Pelosi brain freezes: Stares at audience, waves hands while struggling to speak

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