NFL NBA MLB Anthem Protest Are Stupid And Here Is Why

I find it amazing that a bunch of very, very rich people would protest the very nation that made them very, very rich.  Not to mention, help them rise out of poverty and despair.

Most Black professional sports players come from what we call the ghetto.  They come from humble beginnings.  Usually one parent households and usually very poor financially.  Yet they focused, not on education, but sports to get them out of such dire situations.

They often get full scholarships to major institutes of higher learning and then make the jump to professional sports, often garnering multi million dollar contracts.  Even those that ride the bench have incomes that put them in the top 0.1% of wage earners in this country.

Yet they seem to think it is OK to protest this very same nation that made them rich, took them from ghetto to gated community suburban utopia.  Allow them to even bring some of their closest family members and friends to come along for the financial and societal rides.  Yet this country is bad for them and their kind?

You never bite the hand that feeds you.  You never claim that those who willingly give you their income so that you may rise, sour grapes.  Indeed, it only means your own demise.

Besides, what good is a protest if you don’t put action behind your kneeling or arm locking?  How much money and time time do these professional rich athletes give and donate to their former neighborhoods?

In too many cases, the answer is little to nothing at all.  So they don’t put any action behind their protest.  They kneel.  They lock arms.  And that is supposed to bring massive change?

It will bring massive change but not in the way those rich, spoiled professional athletes had planned.  It will cut into their income.  Their “posse” will be cut due to lower income to the athlete.

You want meaningful and lasting change?  Don’t kneel or lock arms in protest.  Do something real and meaningful.  Make sure education is a priority in the ghetto.  Get your political leaders who constantly under fund, under manage poor neighborhood schools to actually do what the constantly promise.  Provide real change and upgrades.

Don’t kneel and bite the hand that feeds you.

Its easy to take a knee.  Its easy to lock arms.  Its hard to effect real and lasting change.  But you have to stand for something to make that change.

Dr. Martin Luther King did not kneel.  He stood and he took action.  These pampered, over paid, rich professional athletes should learn what MLK did to affect change and forget the stupid BLM destructive and non effective protests.

Its stupid to do take a knee during the National Anthem of the country that made them so privileged.

I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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