The Other Evil Open Secret Of Hollywood (Sex Scandal Worse Than Harvey)

There was a recent hurricane named Harvey.  I am not talking about the one that hit the greater Houston, TX area.  I am talking about Hurricane Harvey that hit Hollywood, CA.

In this case it was a sexual scandal hurricane that involved some big name Hollywood A-list stars both male and female.  But there is another scandal or sex hurricane that is still hidden in plane sight.

While stars like Alec Baldwin claim that Fox News is hypocritical in its sexual scandal coverage (because they had a very prominent person in their own ranks that was accused of sexual misconduct with female employees on and off camera) but fail to address the real problem.

Hollywood seems to be where sexual predictors proliferate.  They operate in the open and nobody seems to pay attention.  Or when they do pay attention they dismiss the accusations and offer support of the accused.

But in the case of Harvey Weinstein a number of big name A-list actresses have finally come forward to claim Hurricane Harvey did indeed act inappropriate with them.  This of course, has lead to a number of A-list actors expressing their verbal displeasure and condemnation of Harvey.

But the whole of Hollywood seems to remain silent on the other huge sex hurricane scandal.  That of sexually abused child actors.  Especially the sexual abuse meted out to boys and young men.  We have seen at least one major Hollywood big wig fall because of illegal or at least unethical sexual acts with a minor.  Roman Polanski.  Yet Polanski still has a plethora of stars in his corner supporting him and calling for forgiveness of any wrong doing he may have done.

Yet, the mistreatment of children, especially males, seems to go unabated and unchecked.   And, as per the usual, whenever there is a current or former child star that expresses how they or someone they know were abused, the gaggle of supporters of Hollywood gather to discredit the accusers.

Forget the fact that sex with a child is a horrendous crime in every sense of the word.  Its is illegal, immoral and unethical.  There is no defense of such a thing, yet it would appear that this sort of behavior has been going on for decades and decades.  Often with the knowledge of other Hollywood big wigs.  Just like Weinstein.

When will Hollywood fess up?  When will the sex crimes that happen in Hollywood be exposed to the full light of day?  When will those responsible, ALL OF THEM, be held accountable?  When will parents and young people understand they are nothing more than meat to be consumed by the all powerful, rich, leftist elite of Hollywood?

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