Whistle Not In France

The wonderful nation of France is going to make whistling illegal. Yes the nation that prides itself on sexual openness is about to close the door on the age old sexual chase.

France will make following a woman (not stalking), asking a woman for her phone number or even whistling at her on public transport illegal. I can’t make this up.

Of course the law will be aimed at straight men who find a woman interesting enough to want to get to know her better. It does not seem to apply for lesbians and it does not seem to apply to gay men trying to hit on another man. And the law does not appear to prevent women from hitting on men.

Some may say this only applies on public transport. But how long before this law is expanded to just about everywhere? If you think this sort of thing could not happen in a single or even multiple states in the USA, may I remind you that we have the same arrogant, angry, man hating feminists in this country as populate in France.

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